Rixie Xu

Professional Title: President
Language: Mandarin•Japanese•Korean

President Xu graduated from Jilin Medical College and worked as a physician in affiliated hospital of Yanbian Medical University of Jilin Province. He served as the president of Huilin Hospital of Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province. Xu was engaged in traditional Chinese medicine in Osaka of Japan. He worked as the president in Changchun Xurixie Clinic and as a physician in Shanghai Yonghuihua Clinic as well as in Nanjing Global Doctor. President Xu is specialized in dealing with general diseases of internal medicine, digestive medicine and chronic gastric disease.

Tianfeng Zhang

Professional Title: Post doctorate of traditional Chinese medicine, professor and chief physician.
Language: Mandarin•English

Doctor Zhang graduated from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and serves as executive deputy director of Medical department of Dalian University. He is a council member in branch of international exchange and cooperation of China Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Zhang is a committee member of branch of doctor academic study of China Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine and a council member of Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Liaoning Province. He is the chairman of branch of doctor academic study of Dalian Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine and one of peer-view experts of China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy.

Baowen Zhang

Professional Title: Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Language: Mandarin

Doctor Zhang graduated as a doctor of preclinical traditional Chinese medicine and he served as a physician of Chinese medicine in No.1 Hospital Affiliated to Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. He was engaged in clinical care, education and scientific study of Chinese medicine.
Zhang also graduated as a doctor of acupuncture and massage from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine and he is a doctor of medicine, associate professor, deputy director of traditional Chinese medicine, supervisor of the graduates and a famous experienced inheritor of Chinese medicine of national level. Zhang is specialized in Chinese internal medicine, gynecology of Chinese medicine and dermatology of Chinese medicine.

Jinhua Li

Professional Title: Chief Physician
Language: Mandarin

Doctor Li graduated from medical department of Jilin Medical College and worked as a chief physician in Central Hospital of Zhuanghe. Li is specialized in myocardial infarct, various arrhythmia, ischemia myocardial, angina, hypertension, hyperlipemia, diabetes, respiratory disease and digestive disease.

Yaqing Xu

Professional Title: Chief Surgeon
Language: Mandarin

Doctor Xu is a professor of Dalian Medical University and specialized in urinary infection, stone, injury, tuberculosis, tumor, congenital malformation and male sexual dysfunction.

Zhehao Li

Professional Title: Chief Surgeon
Language: Mandarin•Korean

Doctor Li graduated from acupuncture and massage major of Changchun College of Chinese Medicine and obtained qualifications of national medical practitioner and national massage technician as well as attending Chinese medicine doctor. Li also gained teacher qualifications in a voluntary school of National Ministry of Labor and Social Security and China Chiropractic Teacher School. He is specialized in various soft traumatology, orthopedic pain disorders, spine disorders, physiological kyphosis correction, adolescent scoliosis and leg diseases of Type O and Type X.