Polyclinic of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Our enriched system of diagnosis and treatment includes traditional Chinese medicine, internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory medicine and urinary surgery. We promote patients’ health condition and prevent diseases through integration of traditional Chinese and western medicines.

Convenient Transfer for Various Diseases Treatment

We are able to afford further services such as simultaneous interpretation and life nursing to patients who may need medical evacuation or to be hospitalized during therapeutic process up to end of cure courses.

Medical Services during Nighttime and Holidays

Our medical permanence can cope with patients under emergency.
*Probable Visit of Patients at Home
*Free Pick-up Services

On-Credit Service

Patients holding overseas tourist insurance can enjoy direct on-credit service instead of cash payment and the medical expenses can be settled between clinic and insurance companies.
Payment Patterns

Cash Payment

Payments with CNY, yen and dollar will do.

Bank Card Payment

Payments with VISA、MasterCard、JCB and UnionPay will do.